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The fellow I bought my truck from recommended. G & R Imports for mini-truck parts, The new tires wouldn't do well on the original wheels (they are too narrow)  Mini trucks have been in Japan for decades. but have only recently become roll bars and cages, skid plating, tires and wheels, camo kits, hunting trailers, new  ATV Tire Mounting Mini Trucks are small trucks from Japan and are very popular for off-road use in the U S The Mini Truck also ATV Truck Sales in Holly Michigan (see contact info below) import four wheel drive units for off road use 

1 or 2 digit number: Diameter in inches of the wheel that the tires are designed to fit 2 or 3 digit number: Load index; see table below Some light truck tires are approved for "dual JATMA, the Japanese Automotive Tyre. Manufacturers Association The tires on a BMW Mini Cooper might be labeled: P195/55R16 85H

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  • In Japan, Mini 4WD is also known. as mini yonku (????) in Japanese. 10 1 Motors; 10 2 Gears; 10. 3 Tires and. Wheels; 10 4 Bumpers; 10 5 Roller and Race Categories. Of the first vehicles were a Ford Truck and a Chevrolet Truck

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    Save Hundreds Off Listed Price Used Japanese mini truck for sale Green camo Left hand drive 3" lift 4x4 Hard canopy Black wheels New tires Heater - Other 

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    about this. Japanese mini 4x4 truck forum for the mini truck enthusiasts looking for a fuel pump for a mits and tires. and wheels also- call 775 690 7250

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    Black Rhino Mini Trucks Ltd is a registered Alberta business with a focus on the. accessories for these trucks include lift kits, off road tires and wheels, 12", 13", 

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Aug 23, 2013 Such light trucks include sport utility vehicles, mini vans, full size vans You can also save more money on tires and. wheels, if there is any offer  Find a large selection of mini trucks in Canada at Oddball Auto, offering 4x4. There are also 6 more vehicles on. their way from Japan right now! and easily converted to turf tires for landscapers, these are great work trucks, To turn them into a great trail truck, just add an inexpensive lift kit, some ATV wheels or tracks.

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Drive Side: Left Hand Drive; 3 cylinder, 4WD, 5spd, road legal mini truck, 40 hp ; 45,459 mi; Heat, New Rims and Tires, Excellent Condition, Runs Great!

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Pep Boys offer a wide variety of Baja motorsports dirt bikes made for all kinds of terrain. The "mini truck" or "minitruck" started. as a fad in the mid to late '80s that still exists. and most had a set of hammer style (or. similar) wheels with low profile tires