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A list of articles and videos. for training your puppy. General Puppy Training. Articles Aggressive Biting in Puppies. · Ed Frawley's Black Leather Puppy Leash  Frank D'Andrea's basics for leash training a puppy under 5 months old and dog obedience training for puppies over 5 months old. A collar needs to be one of the first things. you deal with when a new puppy comes home. Puppies do not like strange, new things This collar will cause quite a 

For number one, the dog who has never used a leash (young puppies, many rescued dogs or. “spoiled” dogs like Paris Hilton's chihuahuas), you just need to 

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  • Do not attempt to do off-leash work with a puppy Only mentally mature, well- trained dogs should be worked off leash To keep your dog safe, never. attempt to  

    Dec 29, 2012. The key to training your dog to eliminate outside (where you want him to) Take your dog on leash to the area, pace back and forth (movement 

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    The first step in leash training is. to get your dog used to a collar. To the puppy, it seems that fighting the collar worked, and got that nasty 

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    Unfortunately, on-leash training – while valuable. for on-leash behaviors – can't prepare. For a dog or puppy that doesn't yet know. “come,” you can start by 

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    Every interaction your puppy has with his environment and with you The objective of leash training is to have a Basenji. who walks along on leash without  

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Training your dog to walk off the leash can be a very rewarding venture for both you and your. thanks for the advise it has really. worked for me and my puppy. Learn how to begin leash training puppy the first day he arrives. home and how to introduce him to his collar and lead

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Nov 1, 2011 Leash training and obedience. for puppies by Susan Strickland. Training your new puppy can start. as soon as you get the pup home. Even at 

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Positive reinforcement tips on puppy leash training, how to get him accustomed to the collar and to walking on a loose leash. Home · Reference Articles · Training Everytime I take the leash off, he runs away! behaved off leash as puppies but become progressively worse as they aged