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Install the telnet package if you haven't already: $> aptitude install telnet. Then establish a TCP connection to the SMTP port: $> telnet localhost smtp The server.   If you are unable to run Telnet at the. command prompt you will need to follow What you see here is the SMTP server greeting, an announced message that the   Apr 3, 2008 Developers in my office constantly complain that the. SMTP server is down and no mails are being sent out. We come back saying. that their 

Fig. 1. Fig 2. Open a DOS Command Prompt window Fig. 3 At the Command Prompt on the DOS screen type: “telnet” the IP address of the SMTP server with 

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  • You can use the telnet program on your computer to connect to Gmail's SMTP server and verify the connection is working properly If a problem occurs with your  

    I am trying to telnet from my Win2000 Professioanl. to port 25 of a SMTP server However, I always get this error, C:\Documents and 

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    Jan 22, 2013 This instructs Telnet to connect to smtp socketlabs com, on port 25 Specifying a. 3) Under Server, enter smtp. socketlabs. com Under Port 

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    Jul 2, 2013 Yahoo smtp server configurations are :. I telnet on both smtp server and. I found some differences :. telnet smtp mail yahoo. com 587

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    However, some SMTP servers are configured to explicitly block ping requests. Thus, even if the ping packet timeouts, you should still try to telnet the SMTP 

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Oct 13, 2011 You can use lnet to Test Exchange 2010 SMTP Connections In Windows Server 2008, the Telnet Client is disabled by default Therefore. you  The SMTP command EXPN might allow attackers to verify what mailing lists exist on a server You can simply telnet to your e-mail server on port 25 and try 

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Feb 14, 2011 The venerable telnet is still a useful tool in the server administrator's toolkit. Juliet Kemp shows how to test basic SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, and IRC 

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Email is sent with SMTP which has been assigned the well-known port 25 Telnet to directly connect to, and place mail. directly on, any mail server in the world. This article describes how to check your SMTP connection with our servers (via Telnet port 25 or port 587) with Windows XP, Windows Vista If you run a different